Room Parents, 2016-17

Thank you for volunteering your time as a Room Parent!  You provide an invaluable service to the school. In addition to coordinating class parties and events, the Room Parent is the main source of communication between the PTA, your teacher, and the parents in your class. You will be invited to attend an orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year where you will receive an overview of the Room Parent role. A summary of the duties is noted below for your reference.

Teachers’ expectations of their room parents vary widely. Some rely heavily on volunteers to pull together all events and parties; others have specific ideas and will ask room parents to coordinate only certain parts. Either way, it’s critical to find out your teacher’s preferred way of doing things early on, and stick to it.

And don’t limit your communication to just parties and events. It’s a good idea to check in with your teacher periodically to ask whether he/she needs anything.  Teachers get inundated with their work and if you are proactive you will find that they could use an extra hand from time to time.

Room Parent Duties:

  • Be a PTA member
  • Maintain a current class list and send to Room Parent Coordinator
  • Coordinate classroom parties and events
  • Create and manage classroom Shutterfly website
  • Take photos throughout the year for the yearbook committee
  • Manage class funds and post budget to Shutterfly website every 9 weeks
  • Involve as many parents as possible in class activities.

Please also consider:

  • Attending at least (1) PTA Board Meeting (4th Tuesday of each month, PTA portable)
  • Attending at least (1) PTA General Meeting
  • Volunteering on (2) or more PTA committees


  • Click here for a collection of useful forms and other resources you can use as a room parent this year.