What is PTA?

The Coral Reef Elementary PTA is a membership organization made up of parents and teachers.  The PTA is directed by a board whose members interact closely with the school’s administration, teachers, staff, parents, and students throughout the  year.  A new board for CRE PTA is elected every year during the month of May.  In order to vote in the election one must be a PTA member.

We encourage ALL parents and teachers to join the PTA.  Membership is very simple and easy to do and in no way commits you to any volunteering.  It does, however help fund many school initiatives and needs.


  1. Support CRE in educational programming.
  2. Provide recognition to students for outstanding academic and social achievements.
  3. Promote health and wellness, both physically and emotionally, to our students through a variety of programs and initiatives.
  4. Create a strong sense of school spirit and team work to strengthen relationships through volunteering and fundraising.

PTA Funded Programs

Your initial donation to become a member helps fund the following initiatives during the year:

  • $100 to each teacher to be used for instructional/educational materials for their classroom
  • Supporting AR (Accelerated Reader) recognition program
  • Supporting student educational clubs such as: Run Club, Green Team, Art Club, Drama Club, Safety Patrol, Odyssey of the Mind, Youth Crime Watch
  • Provides field trip scholarships to students
  • Teacher and staff appreciation activities
  • Holocaust Program
  • Career Day refreshments

In addition to these regular initiatives each year, in 2015-16, PTA funded the following initiatives:

  • 30 new computers purchased for the 4th/5th grade computer lab
  • 20 stand-up desks are being piloted in classrooms
  • Security station was implemented at the entrance of our school
  • New laptop was provided for media center
  • Outdoor speaker provided for PE teachers
  • Skeegie Science Academy began, and secured for the next 3 years with funds from the JB Cash Foundation
  • 300 earbuds provided for students
  • 2 water bottle filling stations installed on campus