Get Fit CRE!

We have kicked off our annual GET FIT CRE Fundraiser!  Coral Reef PTA is raising money to bring a STEM program to all students, along with other special projects.  Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $25,000.

When is Get Fit CRE?  

  • On Wednesday October 19th, students will participate in a noncompetitive walk/run during the school day on the PE fields.  A class schedule will be posted.

When are the pledges due?

  • You may send pledges at any time, but the final pledge date will be October 28, 2016.

How will the money be used?

  • The money we raise will be used to support PTA funded programs, such as the many clubs we sponsor, as well as enhancements to our school.  This year we want to bring a STEM program to all students!  
  • Previous projects have included 20 standing desks, 32 computers for a new computer lab, the security check-in system, and water bottle filling stations.

How do I make a pledge?

  • Cash and check donations: 100% of cash and check donations go to our PTA.  Please make check payable to Coral Reef Elementary PTA or CRE PTA.
  • Student Fundraising Website: We have teamed up with The Get Movin' Crew for secure, safe individual student fundraising websites, and to accept credit card payments online.  Register your child by visiting  Click the gold star at the bottom right corner of the web page.  Invite friends and family to help!  Use your student's webpage to promote online donations using the email and social media tools right on the web page.  It's easy!

What are the prizes?

  • Individual Prizes
    • Register = Pedometer
    • $25 = No uniform day + Pokemon figurine
    • $50 = No homework pass + Pokemon
    • $75 = Water balloon to throw at parents (or teachers!) + Pokemon
    • $100 = Lunch with two friends + Pokemon
    • $150 = Bonus water balloon to throw + Pokemon
    • $200 = SUPERSTAR STATUS!!! Name on the announcements and SUPERSTAR bulletin board, Invitation to "American Ninja Warrior" experience at school + Pokemon
    • $350 = $25 Target gift card + Pokemon
  • Class Rewards
    • $100 = Popcorn party
    • $250 = Extra 10 minutes of recess
    • $400 = Vote on class spirit day (Flip flops / hat /team jersey / etc.)
    • $550 = Eat lunch outdoors as a class
    • $700 = Pizza party at lunch!
    • Classroom goal met = Kona Ice Truck comes to school for a special treat
      • Class goal is based on the number of students in the class.  $50 x number of students in the class = class goal.